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Servus shows appreciation through generosity

Local financial institution does random acts of kindness for Ponoka residents
Servus Credit Union employee Nermisa Omerovic (in white) smiles after seeing the reaction to the Tim Hortons customer finding out her coffee has been paid for as part of the Ponoka branch's random acts of kindness day on Wednesday

It was a first of its kind-ness for a local financial institution and was warmly received by the public.

The Ponoka branch of Servus Credit Union decided to do something for the community and that transformed into performing random acts of kindness at three major public spots in town - VJV Auction Mart, Tim Hortons and No Frills - on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

“We had decided as a team that we would like to do something to enrich our community and all felt that a Random Acts of Kindness Day would be something really special that we could do,” explained branch manager Janeen Lemay.

This was the first time Servus has done something like this, but it was all part of being citizens of the community they serve and not just another placing doing business in the community.

“We are built around co-operative principles and our shared belief in building stronger communities and always putting people first. We are here to serve, it’s in our name, it’s who we are,” Lemay stated.

”As a cooperative, we don’t just do business in the community; we are citizens of the community. It is days like this that remind us all why we are here and the purpose we serve in our communities and that is to make a difference….. small or big it is still a difference.”

And the jobs were different at each of the three locations, with a total of 22 staff - including some from Edmonton - dishing out to farmerscoffee and donuts - topped with icing in the distinctive Servus green circle shape - early that morning.

That was followed over the lunch hour with staff assisting at Tim Hortons and making at least some people’s day brighter by paying for their coffee.

”I tried my hand at the drive-thru window and some might have gotten a different coffee than they had ordered. Hopefully it’s a new favorite,” Lemay said, adding it was a bit chilly so its good she has an indoor job to go back to.

The last stop of the day was at No Frills where staff made sure no one had to struggle searching for loonies to get a shopping cart or had to bag their own food.

“We were even able to pay for a few people’s bills. While they were small amounts, one lady was moved to tears,” she stated.

Overall, Lemay stated the event was a tremendous success for themselves, the businesses they were at and the public.

“We were received with such gratitude and kindness, the businesses were amazing partners and all their staff were so excited for us to be there,” she said.

“We hope that our ripple of kindness will start a kindness wave in Alberta.”