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Silver Valley 4-H wrapping up season

Silver Valley 4-H report

Our club has been having rides once a month at Calnash, and some optional rides at Galloway, since October to get ready for the regional horse show in June. We have been practicing things such as patterns for horsemanship, english equitation, trail, showmanship patterns, how to clip/braid, and many more things.

While doing all those things, we have had fun together and bonded as a club. About a week ago we went to a practice show that was at Benalto to see if we were missing anything for regionals. We all did great and it was a good test run.

We just got back from regionals and had an awesome time as a club. We got there Thursday night and the people that were riding English, brought their horse and bathed them to get them ready for the next day.

Friday was all English, and the people that were only riding western showed up that day to do trail and then we all bathed our horses again to get them ready for Saturday.

On Saturday everyone had multiple western classes to get to, and then we put away our horses and all went to judging. Later that night the dance started and went on until eleven.

Sunday morning was our last day, we woke up to it pouring rain, but still had to do our chores, so we took our horses for a morning walk in the rain.

We then had some games that we were competing in so once we were done that, all our horses and we were drenched in rain.

We packed up, and although we had a great time, I’m sure everyone was happy to get home. We have a year-end trail ride planned for next week and we will all be sad to say that the 2021 / 2022 4-H season will soon be over.

-By club reporter Lillian Cornelssen