Spring clean-up is a family affair

Highway cleaning provides nature with an assist in making things green

Who cannot fall in love with all the amazing signs and happenings of spring? And don’t worry, because Mother Nature in all her wisdom will always provide us with enough sunshine and rain to bring on the amazing colors and greenery of nature’s finest and the much anticipated rewards of the fruits of our labours. What really impresses me at this time of the year is the ongoing enthusiasm and dedication of thousands of groups and individuals of all ages who will proudly celebrate Earth and Green Day by faithfully ‘pitching in’ to clean up all the unsightly messes that winter has left behind in our community and districts.

It has been a longstanding spring tradition for our happy-go-lucky 4-H club member’s ages nine to 18 years and their leaders to bravely venture out into the ditches of our highways and by-ways to take part in their annual highway clean-up and Adopt an Alberta Highway programs to raise money for their many exciting year-round events. On many occasions, we have also seen our excited children out with their classmates and plastic bags pitching in and picking up all sorts of unwanted litter in our parks and school yards, while out on the streets, the town staff are diligently doing their dusty street and boulevard clean-up and trims. There is no doubt that most of us in the town and county will be exercising our ‘green thumbs’ and joining in on the annual spring fling to spruce up our homes, businesses, and yards just in time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the many amenities of our communities in neat and pristine conditions all summer long.

There are always lots of litter barrels set up for all of us to fill after our picnics, games, special events, or outings, and please don’t forget to clean up your campsite and put out the fire at the end of your great outdoor weekend with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who have become a proud member of ‘the green team’ on which your efforts are very much appreciated and go a very long way in keeping our precious but precarious balance of nature in great shape for many generations to come.

This section is just about our precious children:

As we have observed over the years, often with shock, but mostly with great joy that our little children will quickly learn the great truths about life with sudden by usually hilariously funny results.

*No matter how hard you try, you can’t baptize your cat, and you should never trust your dog to watch your food.

*When mom is mad at dad, you don’t let her brush your hair.

*If your sister or brother hits you, don’t hit them back, because parents usually catch the second person.

*Never ask your three-year old brother to hold a tomato or an ice-cream cone.

*Never ever hold a dust-buster and a cat at the same time.

*You can’t hide a piece of broccoli or a carrot in a glass of milk.

*Don’t wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.

*The very best place to be when you’re sad or have an ‘owey’ is on grandpa’s lap.

A little boy was saying his bed-time prayers with his mother. After quietly asking for the Lord to bless mommy and daddy, he very loudly requested, ‘And God, please give me a new bicycle.’ After his mother explained to her son that God was not deaf the boy quickly replied, “I know mom, but grandma’s in the next room and she’s hard of hearing.’

Garage sales can be great fun. You can ‘dicker’ over the price of all the many items, and when your wife goes wandering over to the other end of the table you can quickly buy that unique treasure that she would never allow you to have in the house. Have a great week, all of you.