St. Augustine goes green


Students at St. Augustine School were all smiles as they learned about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy on April 20.

Daneilla Perillat, a teacher at St. Augustine, recently took a group of students to a conference to learn about energy and believes it’s doubly important for the kids to understand based on where they live.

“It about getting them aware of energy in Alberta and energy sources as well as natural resources and alternative energies. They are the future so it’s important that they understand the resources we have in Alberta,” said Perillat.

The sessions were taught by a group of instructors from Inside Education, bringing an extensive knowledge base to the subject of energy.

“The kids are happy and it’s a great way to interactively learn about the energy sector,” said Perillat. “They are excited to learn about it because the instructors are excited about it. It’s their passion.”

St. Augustine has planned an energy awareness week in May, where grades will compete against each other during specifically themed days.

“The first day is going to be medieval Monday where teachers will literally teach in the dark. For each period the class can go without turning the lights on they receive points,” said Perillat.

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