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St. Augustine graduates set sites on the future

Years of hard work and St. Augustine Catholic School graduates are ready to see what the future holds.
Twenty-three St. Augustine graduates throw their caps in the air in celebration of graduating high school. This was the 10th graduation ceremony at the school.

Years of hard work and St. Augustine Catholic School graduates are ready to see what the future holds.

Twenty-three will-be graduates were recognized Thursday, May 5 at St. Augustine Catholic School with parents, teachers and family members proud of their high school efforts. A key theme of the commencement encouraged students to be true to themselves and to rely on their faith in good and bad times.

Guest speakers included Kevin Booth, assistant superintendent of St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools, Mayor Rick Bonnett, Lacombe-Ponoka MLA Ron Orr and Bruce Cutknife, Indigenous Education co-ordinator for the Nipisihkopahk Education Authority. Cutknife advised students remember that life is short. “Take every opportunity or chance to try new things that are different,” said Cutknife.

While life will bring bigger challenges as graduates get older, the trick is to remember friends and family and learn from the past, added Bonnett. “Before you go ahead you will need to look to your past and your present.”

The struggles in the Fort McMurray wildfires are a testament to the strength and resilience of what it means to be Albertan, offered Orr. He suggested students may take on roles similar to those of emergency workers in Fort McMurray.

“Some of you soon will be able to step into life and play some of those roles,” said Orr.

Principal Kevin Prediger praised graduands for being a group of articulate and inclusive. Getting to this point was made possible with help from graduates’ families. “This reciprocal relationship…has taught us lessons way beyond life,” said Prediger.

He is proud to have watched students grow and mature while at St. Augustine, which celebrated its 10th graduation ceremony.

“Have faith, live by your faith and let your faith guide you,” said Prediger.

“I thank you for sharing your spirit with us,” he concluded.

The commencement included the traditional passing of the torch from graduands to Grade 11 students.


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