St. Augustine school spirit teams together again

By Jasmine Franklin

Determination, cooperation and a whole lot of support has brought St. A’s together once again for the building and installation of a grade five and six playground.

Parents, students and staff of St. Augustine school are teaming together again to better the atmosphere for their students. After last year’s hard work and support for the playground restoration project, parent council feels they can rally together a second time for success.

But the community’s help is needed.

“We are doing this all together,” said principal Kevin Prediger. “Last year we restored the playground with no grant money — by having the community help us out and the parents pitch in, we saved a lot.”

An application submitted by the school in January, could allow the school access to $80,000 in grant money through the Charter Education Project (CEP). Total costs for a new playground is estimated around $110,000 to $120,000 said Erin Fleck, school council representative. While the Saint Thomas Aquinas School (STAR) Division board fronted $20,000 to the project, the money is expected to be paid back.

“This playground will go to use for our grade five, six and seven students who really have nothing,” Fleck said. “Our school community and the town really helped make our last project possible. They were so supportive and I believe we can do it again.”

A QSP magazine fundraiser held every year, usually generates around $12,000 for the school. Fleck said all the money raised from this year’s fundraiser will be allocated to the new playground project. Grade six students are also raising their own money through a recycling program.

“If we don’t get the $80,000 grant money, the project will still continue however, it will take a lot longer in order to raise the money,” Fleck said. “Our town has been so supportive of us.”

How to help fundraise

As a fun way to raise money for the playground, an all-ages magic show titled “AbracaDAZZLE” will be held May 2 at the Kinsmen Centre.

Sponsored by ATB Financial, the magic show, featuring Canadian illusionist John Kaplan, will include audience participation and run for 90 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased at ATB Financial, IGA and St. Augustine School.