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Students give spa treatment to patients


Cosmetology students at St. Augustine School have been heating up their curling irons, and doing their part to help brighten up the cold winter months for the patients at the Halvar Jonson Centre for Brain Injury.

This ongoing service project involves the students going to the Centre for Fancy Fridays and doing the patients’ hair, nails and makeup for their dances.

“There was a connection between the students and the patients after only one visit and I wanted to have an opportunity to foster the camaraderie further,” says Ms. Radchenko, cosmetology teacher at St. Augustine School, “so I knew this was a perfect opportunity for our students to compassionately share their talents in the service of others.”

Teaming up to develop long-term community partnerships through the creation of meaningful service projects makes learning come alive for students.

“The first time I came I was pretty nervous,” says Kyara Guy, a Grade 9 student who helped style patients’ hair during her last volunteer visit. “Now it’s kind of exciting to come, to help do hair or make-up, it’s fun. I feel really good after.”

Each student volunteers to go to the centre at least twice since the project began in December and they

are anticipating their next visits in February and into the spring.

“When I leave the program in the morning, I’m always in a better mood,” says Yaro. “It always puts a smile on my face. When you spend time with a patient doing their hair, nails, and make up you learn about that person. It makes me realize that we are all alike, we all like to look nice every once in a while.

“I think it gives you a different perspective of life. It’s changed me as a person.”