Thanks for the memories

Best Wishes to: Joe Staldecker, Otto Brachmann, Elgie Schirrmacher and Ed Brooks.

On behalf of Alberta Health Services, volunteer resources for the central zone, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the gift of music and compassion you have displayed over the more than 40 years to Ponoka and surrounding communities.

Your volunteer spirit has provided you with a lifetime of memories and a special place in the hearts of those people who have been touched by your kindness. I am so honored to have been one of those individuals.

Volunteers are those people who reflect the community’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience and just plain love for one another. As you have chosen to retire your musical instruments, may you know that you have truly made a difference in the lives of others; now take the time to reflect on your good and wonderful deeds.

All the best to you.

Lynn Gray,

central zone manager,

volunteer resources,

Alberta Health Services

Editor’s Note: A copy of this letter was presented to the Ponoka News for publication. GAB, editor