WCPS home education co-ordinator Shauna Morris receives provincial award

Wolf Creek Public Schools’ (WCPS) home education co-ordinator, Shauna Morris, has received the Principal's Special School Co-ordinator Award in Home Educatio

Wolf Creek Public Schools’ home education co-ordinator

Wolf Creek Public Schools’ home education co-ordinator


Wolf Creek Public Schools’ (WCPS) home education co-ordinator, Shauna Morris, has received the Principal’s Special School Co-ordinator Award in Home Education.

This provincial award, presented by the Alberta Distance Learning Centre recognizes Morris’s dedicated partnership with ADLC in serving students of Alberta.

Nadine Ruhl, an ADLC teacher, nominated Morris for this award. An excerpt from the nomination letter reads: “Shauna and I worked closely together for approximately three years. During this time, we worked collaboratively with several home education families to provide a personalized program for each student. Shauna consistently demonstrated Habits of Mind such as persevering, listening with empathy and understanding, thinking flexibly, applying past knowledge, innovating, taking responsible risks, finding humour, and remaining open to continuous learning.

“In all teaching situations, excellent relationships with students and parents are crucial for student success. This important relationship is especially true in a home education learning environment, where there are limited opportunities for face to face contact with students and their parents.

“Shauna Morris has embraced this challenge fully! She has developed innovative practices that have facilitated a strong bond between herself, ADLC, her students, and their parents. Shauna is always helpful, resilient, and encouraging, and she transmits this hopefulness and resilience to students and their families.

“Initially, Shauna listens carefully to the learning needs expressed by the student and parents and then collaboratively with ADLC staff personalizes each student’s program. Next, along with ADLC staff, Shauna carefully monitors each student’s progress and champions ongoing “tweaking” of the programs to foster success. Shauna also provides ongoing constructive feedback and guidance through numerous and time-intensive contacts via telephone, e-mail, and home visits.

Before taking on the role as home education co-ordinator in 2007, Morris was an elementary teacher with WCPS for 28 years. She is well known in the division for facilitating a number of Building Readers workshops with her colleague Vicky Sahlin. She also has served as a member of the Telus 2Learn team and as the co-ordinator for the Early Reading Intervention program for the French Immersion and English staff, as well as coordinating the ‘One to One’ volunteer reading program at her school.

For more information about the WCPS home education program, please visit http://www.wolfcreek.ab.ca/Home_Education_Services.