What does a library mean to the community?

The Ponoka Jubilee Library column returns with fresh ideas for the future.



By Dan Galway, Ponoka Jubilee Library Manager

The public library is a place to gather, learn, socialize, create and innovate.

The Ponoka Jubilee Library is all of those things and more. In my short time as manager, I have been welcomed into the community in a profound way. This surely has to do with the reputation of the library staff in the Town of Ponoka but it also speaks to the importance of the library to the town.

Over the next while, you will see some changes afoot at the public library. Rest assured, the standard of service currently employed at the library will not change, but we will be introducing a number of new initiatives that seek to expand our reach and engage with the community positively and productively.

In fact, you are reading one of these initiatives right now. In conjunction with Ponoka News, we are re-introducing this column so we can discuss relevant community issues, announce programs and events, and communicate with Ponoka residents through a monthly column in this paper. Additionally, I’d like to invite anyone from the community with a program idea or initiative to come speak to me directly in order for the library to meet the needs of the community, we need to know what those needs are.

I would specifically like to mention the ground that we have been gaining through our ‘Life Stories’ program.

We recently invited Gord Gramlick to give a talk that was both informative and interesting. I would like to extend our thanks to Gord for his presence.

‘Life Stories’ takes place every third Wednesday of the month and is a great opportunity to learn more about members of the community with interesting stories to tell. For suggestions on future ‘Life Stories’ speakers, drop in, call or email the library we would be happy to hear your nominations.

Coming up in February at Ponoka Jubilee Library we are hosting Storytime every Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., weekly drop-in craft programs the first three Saturdays and a children’s movie screening on the fourth. On Feb. 16 we will be screening the documentary ‘Winter Project,’ which is a look at snowmobiling in the Alaskan backcountry.

We are also introducing a new program this month, ‘Pajama Storytime’ we encourage kids to come to the library in their pajamas and hear stories and songs. We will have a program schedule available online and at the library for a full listing of all the events and programs happening in February.