Why not have a ‘good news week’ for a change?

There are some days when a person is afraid to watch or read the news

There are some days when a person is afraid to watch or read the news, because nowadays there is far too much horrific crime, politics and poverty, they claim that we are in some sort of an economic crisis, and way too many of our so-called leaders will try just about anything to achieve their own successes, usually at the unfair and unjust expense of others. Right here, this Wednesday, I am going to try to have a ‘good news week’ by sharing a little good fun, humour and acts of kindness, with hopes that everyone may somehow try to get along with each other.. By the way the original song ‘It’s Good News Week’, sung by Hedge Hoppers Anonymous was a mega-rock record hit in 1965.

*Brian Burke, the flamboyant President of Hockey operations for the Calgary Flames was in Red Deer last week addressing the Chamber of Commerce. While chatting after the meeting, Burke was informed that one of the Flames’ greatest and oldest fans was currently very ill at the Red Deer Hospice, so before heading home he jumped in his car and drove over to the hospice to pay the faithful fan a visit. During their time together, Mr. Burke presented the gentleman with a Calgary Flames hat, which really made his day, and then later informed the staff that the Flames would be very happy to provide some team souvenirs and other items for the hospice’s annual gala and major fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 27 at the Sheraton Hotel.

*This mostly mild winter so far brings back many fond memories for many of us of building igloos in the back yard, skating down the hospital road, sliding down the golf course hills, and hosting many a rowdy neighbourhood street hockey games all day and under the street lights until bedtime. Who really cares whether the sleepy old groundhog saw his shadow on Feb. 2 or not, it was great to see the public works crews cleaning the streets and fixing potholes in January. Our ‘help from the heart’ this slushy winter could be to take a little time to clean the sidewalks and steps for those who can’t, or to offer them a helping hand across the often slippery streets, sidewalks and parking lots.

*I must be going back to my childhood, but this winter we have really been enjoying lots of the old board games such as Monopoly, Tile Rummy, Dice Poker, Rummoli, Uno, Battlefield and others that have been collecting dust in the storage room for many years. It is also a real good excuse for getting the gang together for brunch and banter around the kitchen table.

*It wasn’t much of a hoot for a gentleman who was cross-country skiing one night last week down the Heritage Ranch trails guided by the light of a flashlight and was suddenly attacked several times by a magnificent but obviously angry snow owl. The result was a trip to the ER, quite a few stitches to the head and a good reason to wear a helmet with a light for the rest of his snow runs.

*Who will pledge their never-ending love for you this Valentine’s Day on Sunday, Feb. 14? Whatever the case, for sweethearts of young and old, all we need is love, along with lots of chocolate and a patient and passionate flame that will keep burning brightly for the next 364 days.

Let us all remember that life has no remote control…..you have to get up and change it yourself. Watch out for puddles and splashes, and have a great week, all of you.


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