Wild meat donations welcome

We now are at about 660 members for the year 2013. That gives us seven voting delegates to send to the conference in February

We now are at about 660 members for the year 2013. That gives us seven voting delegates to send to the conference in February if we want to send that many. The conference is going to be in Fort McMurray so should be interesting as we have never had a conference there.

Pofianga is going to have a winter camp after new years, so if anyone would like to come you can call Leonard at 403-783-1858 for more information.

Anyone who has any luck hunting this season and would like to donate a little wild meat to the club for our February awards and banquet supper, it will be greatly appreciated.

We are just about through our events for the year, only one left before Christmas and that is our annual horn measuring which will be December 8 at the Fish and Game club house.

There are posters around at various places that have all of the information on them.

We recently held a Firearms Safety course with thirteen students present and all did great on the course. We are taking names for our next course, so anyone that needs to get their gun license can contact The Ponoka Fish and Game for information.

Here is a little story about a hunting trip we went on the second and third week of October. Time flies when you are having fun. We went on a hunting trip to the north country, as we have been doing for the past twenty years, and though we had lots of fun – the game had more as they outwitted us most of the time. October was quite warm and the elk still had plenty to eat in the woods and were only coming out in the fields during the night and going back into the bush before morning. The deer and moose were quite plentiful but we had only one mule deer tag. However we had a great time with our fellow hunters. One of the guys from the states had never hunted in bear country so of course he got the bear stories from every one. He was on the lookout for elk the next day when two black bears came out in the field and were walking toward him – well he got very nervous as they got closer so he started yelling at them and they stood up on their back legs, as they will do when they hear something they can’t see. He said later they were eight feet tall when they stood up,. We asked him what the problem was as he had more bullets then the bears did. He didn’t think that was very funny. Guess that is the last time we will see him.

Hope everyone has a great season and Happy Holidays.

Robert Greene

Publicity Chairman