Wild Wild West WOWS


With five days to train with new horses

With five days to train with new horses


Chris Megido and his band of Wild Wild West bandits were as excited to perform in front of thousands of rodeo fans as those fans were to see the high risk show.

“I want people to leave and be amazed by the speed and strength of some of the things we do,” said Megido through interpreter Tim Edge, who brought the act over from Rousset, France.

Edge, who runs Mountain Edge Productions, saw the trick riders at a rodeo in Europe and knew they would be perfect for the Ponoka Stampede.

Megido is working to change the notion that trick riding is a female-dominated act.

“Most people associate trick riding with women but our act is a little different. It is really high speed, high intensity and high risk,” said Megido. “It’s unpredictable.”

Megido and his son, Jessy, were also taking a chance to take in some of the aspects that make Alberta great.

Jessy, 19, was in Delburne June 25 to take part in a steer-riding event.

“Everything is so much different and people love the rodeo,” said Jessy.