Wishes and wants and hopes for the New Year 2016!

Taking a look at what the next year should hold for Albertans

As we rather cautiously but optimistically head into a New Year, we will wonder just a little what the future might bring to our great province and nation, but most of us, as always will come up with a few crisp new resolutions and promises that we would like to achieve in 2016. Along with the usual quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthy and save money challenges that so many of us have tried to meet more times than we can remember over the years, here is the Hammer’s annual mostly fun list for the year ahead:

N.D.P government….slow down Ms. Notley and crew, you don’t have to spend it all at once. We’re all kind of feeling the pinch a little right now, so please try not to push us any harder, because after all you do have four years to get the good ship Alberta sailing in the right fiscal direction.

To the federal government…. Whether we like Mr. Trudeau and the rest of his Liberal charges or not, it’s time for all of them up there on the hill to get their heads together and organize a ‘pipeline to somewhere’ before no one wants to buy our oil anymore.

To all of our students…. staying in school will be the best years of your young lives, and will bring great dividends in the future if you reach out for them.

Distracted drivers….get your heads up and watch the roads because there are many thousands of people out there who want to live. The new year will see heavier fines and three demerits for those who get caught staring at their crotch, chatting on the phone, and whatever else could cause a terrible accident that could have been completely avoided.

Ponoka Stampede Association….There is no doubt that you are busy making big plans for your gala 80th anniversary celebration this summer, which has been an amazing accomplishment by several generations of board members, volunteers and community on the way to making it one of the best rodeo events in the world!

Toronto Blue Jays…We are all hoping that you will give all of us another rousing ‘baseball rush’ in the 2016 season and all the way into the World Series. By the way, I still continue to cheer for the Leafs.

To Tammy Cunnington….a whole lot of good luck to a former very ambitious Ponoka girl who continues to make big waves and set world records in Paralympics Swimming competitions throughout the world, and is striving for the next big step to be a trip to Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 Paralympics.

To Ponoka Town Council….Peace and harmony around the table, strong leadership, and a new North Bridge that will make everyone happy.

To Ponoka County Council….smooth driving for everyone along your many miles of rapidly expanding country roads, bridges, and environmentally friendly subdivisions.

To volunteers of all ages… Thank you for always being there, and for unselfishly serving as the ongoing breath of fresh air in support of life and caring for all walks of life in our town and county. To the Ponoka Food Bank…. a year round supply of non-perishable food stuff and donations to help those who are really in need, especially now.

To Donald Trump…. it’s time to take all your money and run for something else that won’t turn the United States into a political soap opera called “Trump Yours”. To Justin Bieber….now that you have really grown up, your music is on top of the charts.

To all our sports teams and athletes… if you win say little, if you lose say less, but just keep right on having fun playing your game.

To the Disney Company…. great to see ‘Star Wars’ back, but please keep it ‘family’ so that everyone can watch it together.

To the Ponoka News…. lots of advertisements, great stories and pictures every Wednesday in 2016, and thanks to the super staff for letting this old scribe tag along.

Thanks with all my heart…. to my wife and children, and all my friends for your ongoing love and support and for putting up with my forgetfulness, hissy fits and bad habits, which are hard to break because they took a lifetime of fun getting into. Let’s all look forward to sharing a Happy New Year together while having a great week all of you as we look forward to the final 2015 countdown.