The women’s conference in Rimbey

The women’s conference in Rimbey

Women’s conference promises a potpourri of events

The Rimbey 31st annual Women’s Conference, Life’s a Potpourri, is aptly named.

The Rimbey 31st annual Women’s Conference, Life’s a Potpourri, is aptly named.

The event, to be held Feb. 9 at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre will truly offer a delightful potpourri of sessions and vendors and displays promising to be varied and informative.

The event will begin with keynote speaker, Beverly Williams, speaking about her experience of being in Nepal during the 2015 earthquake. Her talk is entitled Long Road From Langtang.

Sessions include decluttering/home staging with Sonia Smith Barker, First Nations beading with Shelly Wright, and boosting your immune system through natural remedies with food and herbs presented by Dr. Darlene Blaney.

Sonia Smith Barker has a certificate in home staging and decorating: the art of which consists of first decluttering and then organizing.

Shelley Wright is Cree and grew up in Smallboy Camp. She moved to the Nordegg area in her teen years and is happy to share a part of her culture.

Dr. Darlene Blaney has a PhD in nutrition and is a nutritional consulting practitioner and certified fitness trainer. She owns and operates a nutrition practice and a natural food store.

Following lunch, during which time vendors and displays will be open, radio and television personality and impersonator, Nikki Reed will give a tribute to county greats such as Dolly Parton, Mae West and many more.

Sessions will start again at 2:15 p.m. and will include Martha Lovlie, who will speak on The Journey of a Survivor from Poland to Canada. Now 94, Lovlie said strong faith, being hopeful, thankful and never giving up and trying to see the good has helped her overcome many of life’s obstacles.

Also offered will be mirror etching by Arlene Dean who owns Craft’N Chat.

Dianna Bowes, the founder of Fabulous@50 and Creative Director of Be Fabulous! Magazine, will offer the session, Recipe for a Fabulous Life.

Kathleen Beagle will wrap up the conference.