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Bashaw Majestic Theatre Players set to again take stage

The stage lights of Bashaw’s Majestic Theatre remain dark no more.
The Majestic Theatre is set to host its first theatre production since 2019! (Kevin Sabo/Bashaw Star)

The stage lights of Bashaw’s Majestic Theatre remain dark no more.

On Nov. 2, tickets for the Majestic Theatre Players’ first show since 2019 will go on sale at the theatre.

To get the production going again, the Players decided to go with three one-act plays in lieu of a larger one. The three plays are casefiles from the Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails detective series written by Georgia Tuxbury.

“He’s rather a hapless character,” said Mary Kinsella, with a chuckle. Kinsella is with the Friends of the Majestic Theatre Society.

” We don’t have big casts. We wanted to try this, something easier to get going.”

The plays are being helmed by first-time director Amanda Besuijen, who describes the productions as “screwball comedy.”

“There’s funny innuendo,” said Besuijen.

Besuijen describes Nails as “sketchy.”

“He’ll do anything for extra money,” she said, with a laugh.

Besuijen says that she fell into the directorial role in August; she is a member of the Mirror Museum Association, which had borrowed some props from the Majestic Theatre for a parade. When she returned the props, she asked about the next production and was told there would be one “if you direct it.”

According to Besuijen, the skills she has developed working in hospitality have helped her in her directorial debut.

“I’ve always had these skills,” said Besuijen, though she notes that the cast has made things easy.

“Everyone has just been amazing to work with.”

The play will feature eight cast members, with long-time Majestic Theatre Player Mark Isleifson as Detective Mike Nails.

With a total of six showings, the first three-day run will take place Nov. 23-25. The production will then skip a week before returning for a second three-day run Dec. 8-10.

In addition to the production, trumpet player Rene Jenisse will also be performing each evening in between each of the plays.

As a way to help out the neighbouring community Mirror, and the Mirror Museum Association, profits from the Dec. 9 performance will be donated towards the repair of the community’s century-old museum church, which has a leak in the bell tower.

“It’s worth saving,” said Besuijen.

While previous shows have been a full dinner theatre, according to Kinsella this production will have “tasteful” food trays and appetizers for each table along with a cash bar.

For more information, contact Mary Kinsella at 780-372-4341.

Mark Isleifson plays hapless detective Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails in the Majestic Theatre’s new production. (Kevin Sabo/ Bashaw Star.)

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