Christian artist Moon stuns Ponoka crowd

Stunning, magnificent, beautiful and powerful are just a few words to describe Jacob Moon’s performance at Asker Lutheran Church on March 2 in front of a full house.



Stunning, magnificent, beautiful and powerful are just a few words to describe Jacob Moon’s performance at Asker Lutheran Church on March 2 in front of a full house.

For a show that almost didn’t happen because of an Internet map problem this was one of the best shows that I have been to in a long time.

Moon from Hamilton, Ontario wrapped up his western tour with a stop in Ponoka and did not disappoint the crowd. During the break people’s reactions were that he was amazing, incredible and wow! Moon attracted people from all over Central Alberta to see his show as some people in attendance came from Red Deer and Lacombe to hear him perform.

During the break as he was preparing for the second half of the show he said how pleased he was to be in Alberta.

“I love Alberta and I love to come here. I will continue to come here as long as I have connections to do shows,” said Moon. “Ponoka is a beautiful little town, I wish I could spend more time here.”

His goal for the next five years is to play in every major centre from coast to coast saying that every little bit helps and he hopes to come back to Alberta as well.

“I don’t know a lot of Alberta and every little bit helps,” he said. “If I can play at enough places on Hwy 2 I can reach more fans.”

Moon has put out six albums since 1998 and describes his music as eclectic folk with inspiration from many styles including, straight up pop-rock, folk and funky blues.

Moon strives to reach people and not just be heard on the radio.

“I’m just trying to reach fans directly. I don’t want to get on the radio because these days you can’t rely on the radio to play your songs. Being independent is the road you must go, it’s the only option.”

The Christian artist draws inspiration from many different places and his songs have many meanings. He described his song ‘There’s A Place’ as a song about wanting to get out of Hamilton, wanting to be somewhere else, searching for the presence of someone and searching for the Creator.

Moon traveled to Ponoka as a one man show but if you closed your eyes you would think by his sound that he had three or four people backing him up because of his perfect balance of the JamMan a live looping device that allows him to loop what he just played live. At the start of each song it was so interesting to watch him tap out the beat on his guitar and loop it and play on. Moon is talented in so many ways and this just added to the show and put it on a whole different level.

In 2002 he was named the VIBE Folk Artist of the Year for his album Landing, in 2005 he was nominated for five Hamilton music awards for Eventide and in 2006 he was named the Folk Artist of the year by the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

His artistic raw emotional body language and the strength of his voice were never hidden but he always made it seem like he was enjoying himself. Moon sounds like John Mayer and the fact that he could hold a note like he had been in the business for years was exceptionally great. He was very conversational and engaging with the crowd. He even stunned the crowd by going off and playing a few instrumental pieces where he was lost yet found on the stage.

This performance was a wonderful evening put on by the Asker Lutheran Church with a great artist who needs to be discovered and checked out for everyone at