Introducing the neat new sound of Autocondo

“The setting: Somewhere in the not-too-distant and highly conceivable future. The scenario: After a global economic and environmental meltdown and the demise of the big three automakers, a lot more people are now living in their cars. Welcome to the sound of Autocondo, a self-titled debut CD of post-apocalyptic pop at its very best.”

After reading that intriguing, eye-catching introduction, I eagerly listened to what this new group of guys who are far from new to the business have created.

Autocondo – a Toronto based band consisting of singers/songwriters/guitarists Russ Walker, Tony Duggan-Smith and Neil Chapman, who have been signed to international record deals in the past with bands including Neotone, New Regime and the Pukkas, have combined their talents to create a sound sometimes semi-reminiscent of the Beatles and Bob Dylan but with a fresh, new toe tapping twist and lyrics any and all of us affected by the economy’s current unstable state can certainly relate to.

An added layer of talent and melodic and musical depth is added by the assistance of an array of musical talent including drummers, Steve Heathcoate and Charlie Cooley; keyboardist, Matt Horner; bassists, Glenn Olive and Steve Payne; vocalist, Sue Breit and members of the Kimberly School choir in various songs. “Saw the Light” is a beautiful, peaceful, and symbolically relevant ending to an album that is a lot of fun but it is songs like “Paralyzed” and “Wits End” that will undoubtedly have you singing along long after you’ve finished listening, leaving you wanting to put the CD back in the player again.

Keep your eye on this group because we are bound to hear more from them in the “not-too-distant and highly conceivable future.”