‘Mick and Keith’ come to the Ponoka Golf Club for one show only

(Photo submitted)

(Photo submitted)

Rolling Stones tribute artists Michael Danckert and Jim Hubay will perform at the Ponoka Golf Club for one night only, on Wednesday, Oct. 20.

Fans of American blues and rock music, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards began their musical partnership in 1961 in a band called “The Blues Boys.”

In 1962, the band’s name was changed to “The Rolling Stones” and together with their friends The Beatles they led the “British Invasion” of North American and world pop culture.

The Rolling Stones’ phenomenal success may be partly attributed to Mick Jagger’s aggressive, bluesy vocals. Equally important is Keith Richards’ funky, five-stringed rhythm guitar playing, the root sound of most of the band’s music.

But the main reason for The Stones’ success is Jagger and Richard’s ability to write hit songs like “Satisfaction,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Honky Tonk Woman,” “Start Me Up,” “Miss You,” and “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll.”

As the band’s undisputed creative and driving force, and its only original members, Mick and Keith truly are The Rolling Stones.

Toronto-based Danckert is a seasoned, professional musician and singer with a long history in tribute shows. For decades, he led the popular Rolling Stones tribute band “Blushing Brides,” before going solo as a studio musician, backup singer and sideman on concert tours.

Ace guitarist Hubay has his own Rolling Stones history, for years playing lead or rhythm guitar in Rolling Stones tribute shows, often crossing paths with Michael.

So for these talented veterans with so many shared experiences, performing a Mick and Keith tribute is like deja vu.

Thanks to his decades of experience, Danckert has the unique sound, look and moves of Mick Jagger nailed, and Hubay has the chops to duplicate Richard’s signature guitar sound with ease.

They like to say, “It’s only rock’n’roll, but you’ll like it.”

Actually, if you are a Rolling Stones fan, you’ll love it.

For tickets, call The Peppered Elk restaurant at 780-851-2282. Seating is limited.