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Millet country singer wins Global Country Star Search

Millet local, Megan Paige, will head to Nashville for a private boot camp

Millet’s own rising star Megan Paige, 19, came out on top overall at the 2023 Global Country Star Search in June.

In addition to any earned bragging rights, Paige will receive a one-year mentorship, including education, regional development and performance opportunities.

She will also travel to Tennessee for an exclusive private boot camp seminar in Nashville and a chance to enter the North American Country Music Associations International (NACMAI) competitions in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

The competition was created not only to discover new country music talent but to help develop it, making it unique from other competitions, said Global Country vice president Bill Borgwardt.

“Most competitions provide a prize package, be it a cash prize or a recording package, and then the artists are on their own with no real guidance. Global Country offers a mentorship program that is always available for their winners, even years after the competition,” said Borgwardt in a statement.

“I was extremely shocked,” said Paige on being selected as this year’s winner.

“I honestly didn’t expect to win it. I just applied and hoped for the best. So, [I was] extremely shocked. I started crying. I was so excited because Nashville is my dream; I’ve always wanted to go down there and play my music. It was very exciting.”

Pagie’s family and friends in Millet share her excitement, supporting her during her career.

“They know that it’s always been my dream to go down to Nashville.”

She says she has been singing since she can remember and has worked in the country music industry for three years.

“I’ve just been exploring it and getting new opportunities and getting as many gigs as I possibly can,” she said.

So far, Paige has released three singles; “Best I Never Had,” “Told Me You Loved Me” and her most recent work from 2022, “No Coming Back from You.”

Drawing from her experiences and feelings, Paige says her songwriting process is incredibly spontaneous.

“It usually stems from a heartbreak of some sort or being in love. But usually, it does come to me when I’m driving, actually, or when I’m having a conversation with someone, they’ll say a really good one-liner, and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, I need to write that down right now.’ Sometimes I’ll just have to pull the car over and write it down quickly or just put it in my phone.”

Paige is working on two new singles; she hopes to release one later this summer.

“We’ve been working on those for the past year or so. So, I’m really excited to finally get them out into the world.”

For now, Paige is still riding high after her recent win and preparing to make waves in Nashville.

About the Author: Jenna Legge

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