BSE class action information session

Dear Editor:

It’s been a few years since a cattle man or a cattle woman in Canada has done any dancing and it is almost time; but first of all the federal government has to do a bit more dancing of their own.

As most of you may already know, the BSE class action law-suit has moved ahead despite the efforts by our federal government to stop it in its tracks. Our government is dancing folks; this class action suit is moving ahead and the song it is singing is reaching a climax.

What better time for the Government of Canada to settle this thing out of court with a non-countervail able reimbursement to the cattle producers of this country. An economic stimulus package in the farmers’ hands. What would a farmer who was awarded a long deserved taxable compensation package do with his cheque?

Well, I would personally love to see him invest in the cattle industry and attach him, or herself, to the consumer by way of a value chain or as a good friend called it, a food web.

But we all know that most would pay down debt and spend a bunch on a new pickup truck, or maybe a new baler in the never say die way that farmers and ranchers live by. Either way, the government wins, the rancher wins, and the struggling economy of Canada wins.

We would love to invite every rancher and every merchant that sells anything to ranchers to the BSE Class Action information session being held at High Noon on March 31st in the Stockman’s Pavilion at the Red Deer Westerner Park. See you there.

Randy Kaiser