Congrats to ag centre

Congrats to ag centre Congrats to ag centre Congrats to ag centre

Greetings to the directors of the Ponoka Ag Event Centre:

It is a pleasure to sit down and write this letter to you after having attended two functions at your new facility; both events were horse shows. First came the vaulting competition (a close cousin to trick riding) held April 20 to 22, which was written up very nicely in the Ponoka News, both before and after the event; and secondly there was the breed show for Arabian, Morgan and Saddlebred horses, April 27 to 29.

My function at both shows was to act as the show steward on behalf of Equine Canada, which must ensure, among other matters, that the best possible conditions for holding a competition are available. I would like you to know that my task was made very easy at your facility — the conditions for both shows were excellent.

The facility itself is important, being 400 feet x 135 feet certainly, helps but even more so, the service provided by your staff, under the leadership of general manager Chas Lambert. I have not been at a show with more knowledgeable and exacting approach to anticipating our needs, be it arena preparation and maintenance, provision of tables and chairs, assuring Internet connectivity and whatever else more than 100 horses and their owners/riders can think of. Whoever trained this young man did a superb job. It definitely showed that his background includes some of the top venues for agricultural events — including horse shows — in Canada.

You must be congratulated to have a manager who is truly on deck when the show is on, never mind the hours or if it is the weekend. He is setting a standard for Alberta. Furthermore, it is impressive how Mr. Lambert is constantly on the lookout to grow the business for the Ponoka Ag Event Centre, establishing goodwill and contacts.

In my opinion, there will not be a problem to have a “full dance card” of events in Ponoka. With the current approach to superb customer care, there will also be no problem keeping up the momentum.

At both shows the participants let me know in no uncertain terms how much they appreciated being at their shows in your centre and how much they were looking forward to their next time in Ponoka.

Thank you indeed.

Anke Seifried,

Senior Equine Canada Steward

Editor’s Note: A copy of this letter to the Ponoka Ag Event Centre board was presented to the Ponoka News for publication. GAB, editor