Council deserves respect

Dear Editor:

I was at the public town council meeting Feb.22. I went to hear the town’s position about why they cut down the airport trees. It was clear that more of the public were there than the council had expected as there were not enough places to sit.

I had no opinion when arriving at the meeting; I assumed the council would have very good reason to cut down the trees that had been there for many years.

Although I had no previous opinion about the trees and the quick decision made by the council that did seem to blind side most of the community, I left with a fairly strong opinion and it was not with the public, who I actually intended to support.

On the side of the residents of Ponoka, the council should have given us a more clear time to voice our opinions. That being said, I am disgusted with how the members of the community behaved and handled their composure. In my opinion, it is the people at that meeting who should be sorry, as I heard on young gentleman (for lack of a better word) rudely yell at our members of council.

Not one person stood up when asked if anyone had anything to say about what will be discussed during the evening’s proceedings, not one person politely put up their hand and asked if they would be given a chance to voice their concern about the trees.

Councillors are public service workers and they deserve respect, whether you agree with them or not. I do not agree with the way the council went about cutting down the trees by the airport. I also think they should have shown us they had done their research as to how the taxpayers could benefit by having the trees gone, since they are now gone. But I do believe that they deserve respect as essentially they are in those positions because we voted them there.

And if you didn’t cast your vote in the last municipal election (would not surprise me either judging by voter turnout numbers in this community) you should be doubly ashamed of the behavior that took place.

Melissa Gauvreau