Gov’t should match pensions

Everything we touch is taxed.

Dear Editor:

I recently heard federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty comment that all Canadians must start saving more for their retirement. Like our government is helping in this matter?

Everything we touch is taxed. Maybe if they eased their demands, we could save more. What really gets me is this phrase “all Canadians.” Our political parties, except the Bloc, use this phrase often. It seems like all Canadians are helping the government but the government is not helping all Canadians.

What am I getting at? Well, the government funds between 60 and 70 per cent of our work force in some way or the other. There are some of these fortunate people who have established a pension plan where it they give a dollar, then the government matches their dollar. Or should I re-phrase that and say all Canadians match their dollar. So why is there only a select few given this luxury? Why cannot the Mac’s convenience store employee give a dollar and have the government match that dollar?

Why can’t all Canadians be given that opportunity? That would be one way we could start saving more.

Dennis Chernick