Hobbema bands don’t sell smokes to minor children

Dear Editor:

Re: Letter to the Editor — Montana Band’s economic plan is more smokes by Julian Hudson

First of all, I would like to say I proudly come from the Montana First Nation. And secondly, not all of us are in agreement with what has gone on. So before you go ahead and assume that all reserves sell cigarettes to minors, I would like you to research your facts.

Hobbema reserves do not sell to minors; we as First Nations must obey laws just like everybody else. Who would jeopardize their business for a minor? Come on be real.

As for the Montana Band we no longer have an outlet to sell cigarettes. Also in regards to “maybe the provincial government should withdraw funding including welfare.” Did you know there are natives who actually work and go to school to better themselves? Not all Four Bands members require welfare, but it is an essential that all Canadians benefit from.

To correct your unresearched and ignorant assumption the provincial government does not pay welfare on first nation’s reserves or anything else for that matter.

Sharon Cattleman,

Kihtwam Macihta Literacy Program student on the Montana First Nation reservation