Kids not the only litterbugs


Dear Editor:

Although I agree that the skatepark has been a mess, it pales in comparison to the filth left behind last weekend by concert attendees.

Campers during Stampede also leave behind a much bigger mess. These offenders are provided with many garbage receptacles and they are supposed adults.

I do believe the kids using the skatepark should take responsibility and pride in their park but I don’t think locking them out is the answer.

I’m pretty certain nobody would ever shut down the Stampede due to a few litterbugs.

I know the group of kids that cleaned up the park and is now policing their peers to ensure continued clean up. I also know that none of the adults who left their garbage behind after Stampede and the Summer Send Off Festival, came back to clean up after themselves.

Lori Derry

Editor’s Note: The Ponoka Stampede Association typically hires service clubs and youth groups to pick up trash after their events. However, that does not excuse the actions of the litterbugs. GAB, editor