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Kids want forest preserved


Dear Editor:

We have a complaint about our area of land on the edge Lucas heights. People are destroying our forests and land, therefore we are losing precious living things such as saskatoons, raspberries, deer, Alberta wild roses, buttercups, bluebells, tiger lilies, birds, snakes, frogs, insects, and our beloved porcupines and skunks.

These things did nothing to us, and then we decide well let’s “rip out” this land so we can just waste it on something not worthwhile.

We can take away the lives and homes of Earth’s creatures and clean air just so that we can have apartments and stores. Plus price values on these houses will drop, thus losing money. We also believe that many people in our area will not want kids and pets in an environment like that. So people will move and most likely to another town seeing that they have not been amused with behavior of our town?

So why not stand up and put a stop against the wrong.

M. Chisholm (age 9) and

E and S Bendera (ages 9 and 11)