LETTER: Proposed learning centre is potential for development

LETTER: Proposed learning centre is potential for development

Ponoka News reader suggests proposed learning centre will bring development to Ponoka

Dear Editor,

I for one am very excited for the Town Hall/Library/Learning Centre development at the old general hospital grounds.

This development is the first by the town in many years and is a sign of progress that we have been missing. We have talked the talk but never walked the walk. Finally we are doing both!

The location allows us to stretch our downtown boundaries to the north and could be the spark for further development in the north industrial park. The facility will be state of the art and wired to meet today’s digital world. What a great environment for a library as it transforms to meet the expectations of today’s population.

And a key component to this development is the learning centre by Campus Alberta Central in association with Red Deer and Olds College. I have seen the representatives of these educational institutes talk about this development and they are committed. These learning centres are already a success in 22 other communities.

It provides our youth with an opportunity for post-secondary education without having to leave town. Great for keeping the youth around to work in local business. And a major reduction in expenses for parents who don’t have to pay room and board as they send their kids to the urban centres.

Families and business do not have to move to Ponoka. We are in a competitive environment to attract growth to our town.

This growth is necessary to help offset increased operating and requisite capital expenditures that past councils have ignored. Finally we have a council that is moving forward and investing in our future. Bravo!


Bruce Clarke