Life too short to waste it on Kohlman

Dear Mr. Kohlman:

I think you missed my point. I will type this one a little more slowly so that you might get it. My letter to the editor was not about 38th Street specifically but was aimed more at your belief that every council over the last 30 years or so has been loaded with nothing but crooks and cheats. Once your pot-stirring over 38th Street ends I am very sure that you will find another issue to stick your nose into.

If you really believe that our local government is so fatally flawed, why don’t you move into town and run for mayor or council yourself? Your response to my letter just reinforces my stand and to acquiesce would only enable you to continue the very thing I, and all of the people I have talked to in the long while, want you to cease.

Thanks for the invitation to a public debate but I fail to see how anything constructive could be accomplished. Your own history (you seem to be very attached to history ) gives me the feeling that it would be like Jesus trying to explain creation to Darwin.

As to your claim that I did not know what I was voting on in regard to the 38th Street local improvement, I do not feel the need to even dignify this wild accusation with a response.

I will now take this opportunity to lead by example. This counterproductive discourse needs to end and I do not plan to communicate further with you and would respectfully ask you to do the same.

Just a little unsolicited advice before I sign off: Life is far too short to spend all your time battling perceived injustices and dwelling on the past. Experience has shown me that someone who spends all their time looking back usually ends up running into a tree. Using your energy in a positive way to improve our future is so much more fulfilling.

Jerry Siemens