Meeting leaves concerns unaddressed

Dear Editor:

We attended the Ray Prins and cabinet members Meet and Greet, “We want to hear from you” tour on Feb. 9. I was hoping to ask Jack Hayden, who was present, about Bill 19, of which he was the architect. As there were few concerned landowners present, neither Bill 10 nor Bill 50 received any attention. I must have mistakenly assumed from reading “party’ articles that they would be part of the tour discussions.

After the “round the floor” presentations of local grievances and bouquets, I lost out in the race to get Jack Hayden’s attention. Time was short with their late arrival for the event and their hasty exit to the next listening stop in Stettler. We are disappointed that our concerns about landowners’ rights were unable to be addressed and feel strongly these rights are undemocratically being taken away.

Hugh Jones