Something wrong at Rimoka

Dear Editor:

The Jan. 19 edition of the Ponoka News carried the following headline: “Rimoka CAO asked to quit.”

I was fortunate to have been employed at Rimoka for over 20 years. I was proud to be part of a positive, caring team. Quality care starts at the top and works its way down. It begins with the board, the CAO, the manager, and the staff. Quality care means meeting our senior residents’ needs in a meaningful way. Mental – providing stimulation and challenges; physical – adequate, safe housing; social – positive interaction; emotional – supportive, friendly environment; spiritual – opportunities provided.

In all my years at Rimoka, I believe each of these needs have been met in a meaningful manner to the best of our ability. I have found that CAO Gerry Hildebrand and manager Ronda Lamey have endeavoured to meet the needs of these residents first and have had a caring, professional, encouraging, attitude and provided quality care. They have gone the extra mile many a time. The former board likewise displayed this attitude.

So what has happened? Mr. Hildebrand is quoted as saying, “I’ve enjoyed my work with Rimoka. Over the years we’ve done some good work. I’ve had some outstanding board members and it was a joy to work with them.” “More recently that hasn’t been true. That’s as much as I can say.”

None of us is perfect and has this current Rimoka Housing Foundation board perhaps been hasty, uninformed and one sided? Has an injustice occurred? Have our newly elected representatives made a fair, informed decision? Are they representing us in an outstanding manner or have they got their own agenda. Who is paying for the CAO’s severance package?

Something smells odd.

Nellie Bos