Taxpayers group wants answers on seniors’ issues

Hon. Mary Anne Jablonski,

Minister of Seniors and Community Supports

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. As an advocate for senior’s rights and vice-president of the Ponoka County & Town Taxpayers Association, I am deeply concerned about the issues and concerns at Golden Leisure Lodge and Reid Manor, here in Ponoka.

It has been some time since you were met with, in regards to the issues and concerns at Golden Leisure Lodge, Reid Manor, the management and the Rimoka Housing Foundation Board.

You were presented documentation, as well, emails were sent by a resident and an ex-employee who was wrongfully dismissed.

To this date, those emails were not responded to or acknowledged by anyone in your office. The Rimoka Housing Foundation board has not been met with as of this date.

I have to question the delay with responding to these issues where a resident writes to you about being intimidated by management and suffering extreme stress. An ex-employee writes to you about her wrongful dismissal and of other staff being afraid to speak out and residents that are being victimized. You were also presented on Jan. 31 with documentation that supports the issues and concerns at these facilities which are governed by the Rimoka Housing Foundation board.

I find it very disheartening that these concerns and issues seem to be put on a shelf and are not being dealt with appropriately. Let alone the fact that there was no acknowledgement from you or your staff, to the people that took the time to communicate with you.

The resident who emailed you has contacted the Safeguards for Vulnerable Adults and spoke with three different people and was turned away. This is a resident who has suffered extreme stress and medical conditions due to what she has been subjected to.

I look forward to your response and hope that we may discuss these issues personally and come to a solution, so that all the residents who are cared for by Rimoka Housing Foundation, soon to have a CAO from Bethany Care, are treated with the respect and dignity that they rightly deserve. This is their home and their life and they deserve better.

James Nakoneshny

Editor’s Note: A copy of this letter was presented to the Ponoka News for publication. GAB, editor.