Thank you for your kindness

Dear People of Ponoka:

I’m writing to thank you for the kindness shown to me during the six weeks in March and April when I stayed in your town. I encountered many folks during that time, and I was met with kindness at every turn.

It seemed that no one was too busy to lend a hand, open a door, offer transportation, grant me a discount, invite me to a meal or gathering, give me a cheerful smile and friendly comment and make my time in Ponoka unbelievably pleasant and uplifting.

When I’d mention this, people would laugh and say, “Oh well, small towns are like that.” Perhaps, but I think Ponoka is a cut far above the average. When it comes to hospitality, you really go the distance.

Again, thanks to one and all, and may God bless you abundantly as you have blessed me.

Heather Faucheux

Luling, La.