Thanks to caring farmer

This will not be a letter of criticism. It is, rather, a letter of absolute and utter thanks.

Dear Editor:

This will not be a letter of criticism. It is, rather, a letter of absolute and utter thanks.

We had the terrible misfortune recently of hitting a cat on the highway. We swerved, braked and did what we could to avoid it but to no avail. It was gravely injured.

Not wanting to leave it to suffer, I phoned the police. They gave me another number to call. The nice people at animal control explained to me it wasn’t their department and gave me another number. That lady said they only deal with wildlife but took my number to see if she could find some help anyway. After about 35 minutes, another lady called me back to say she could come but it would be a wait and might I go to the nearest farm house to see if someone there could put this suffering creature out of it’s misery?

I’ll spare you the details, but by this time it was clear that the cat wasn’t going to expire on it’s own, not was it in any way repairable either.

Here is where I give thanks. The unfortunate farmer, who answered his door to me, didn’t tell me it wasn’t his cat. He never mentioned whether it was his field the cat now laid in. He didn’t say ” maybe, or I guess I could after dinner”, or hesitate whatsoever. He just nodded his head with understanding, asked me where and said he’d take care of it. I offered to wait and he said it was OK, he’d go. As we pulled back out to the highway, I saw his vehicle heading out.

I want him to know how completely grateful I am. He probably didn’t realize it, but my family and I had sat there, watching the poor cat for quite some time, full of regret that we couldn’t help it, nor speed it. All the people I called for help were very sympathetic. They all expressed their concern for the animal and really wished they could do something but that didn’t help. It was a tremendous relief that this man stepped up and did what had to be done.

So if you happen to read this kind farmer, thank you.

Jessica Nelson