The farmers’ defence needs to be raised

Dear Editor;
This letter is in regards to the “Ones Who Think and/ or Believe the Farmers Are Getting Rich.’

Dear Editor;

This letter is in regards to the “Ones Who Think and/ or Believe the Farmers Are Getting Rich.’

With the raising costs of fuel alone, everyone is thinking twice when it comes to leaving their houses. People are taking buses or walking to and from work or their destinations.

That is the city folk, they have that choice. How about the residents of small towns, the farmers and the ranchers. None of them have that option. They all pay the price.

People need to think and remember, what it costs farmers and ranchers to get the crops on and off the fields or the cattle vaccinated, fed or back and forth to town. This is all to put food on our tables. Are people actually assuming that it is the farmers that are raising the costs of fuel, oil and now grain?

People need to remember what it costs to fill up their vehicles. Then stop and think of what it costs for a farmer or a rancher to run their machinery, fuel up at seeding and then again when its time to take the crops off. Also the money it costs for the cattle, feed and seed, so we can continue eating, baking and basically living.

Do these people honestly think that the raising prices are due to the farmers? Do people not realize that with all the work that the farmers are doing it is helping not hurting? Farmers are hardly surviving due to all the raising costs and the prices of cattle being so low.

For all the folks out there who think that the farmers and ranchers are getting rich, and taking advantage of other peoples misery, maybe they should go out to the country to see what it really takes to start a farm or ranch or continue every year with the raising costs.

Food is more important than any electronic out there or any new gadget. But folks will go out and buy these things and even put themselves into years of debt for it. Such as a new plasma TV. That’s one small example. Yet will complain and make false statements towards farmers. Think of all the rich and millionaires out there. How did they become rich or millionaires? Do you think it was selling electronics or having some kind of connection? Do you think it was farming that made them rich?

One thing that folks need to realize and understand; Farmers are out trying to make a living on a very low income and putting food on all of our tables. With all the very high costs, raising fuel and oil prices, wheat and grain prices and the low cattle prices. You tell me how farmers and ranchers are taking advantage of other people’s misery and getting rich with all these facts.

These people need to open their eyes and see the truth and stop blaming the farmers. Where do you get your food? Supermarkets and how did it get there? Maybe start looking at the real causes and look at who is really getting rich and taking advantage of all of us.

Sherry Banman

Elmworth, Alberta