The Tim Bains family needs prayers, support


Dear Editor:

Everyone who uses a computer in Ponoka knows Tim Bains. He may have fixed your computer on numerous occasions and did a great job. I know on several circumstances he could have charged me the price that was coming to him, but no, he charged me what amounted to about $1 per hour for the repairs.

He has a loving and forgiving heart and we can only pray to God for a complete recovery for Tim. He was on the threshold of opening his own computer store with a lot of customers. The future looked bright, now it is not.

I really do not know how long he will be away recovering, but he needs our prayers. For the people of Ponoka, won’t you please lend a hand and give help to Tim and his family? As stated in last week’s Ponoka News, finances are stretched and the family needs help. You can call in at Tantec across from the Post Office and make a donation. Please do this.

John and Margaret Thorgrimson