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Voting independent

Dear Editor:

It’s election time again — and why? Because four men couldn’t sit down and work together for the betterment of all Canadians. Instead, they preach that only one of them and their party is the saviour. How can anyone rally behind any one of these four gentlemen when you see and hear what they are giving our television and radio media?

Whoever is elected must follow the party line or else they will be thrown out. He or she cannot voice the opinions of the constituents if it is against the party policy. He or she cannot speak openly to the media or else they will be thrown out. He or she cannot even write their own letters for the newspaper, it is done at the party level. All he or she has to do is keep their mouth shut for four years and they are handsomely rewarded. It is a sad day for democracy when party values overrule the voice of the people. Look what is happening to other countries in the world; the governments have not listened to the people.

My vote will not be wasted. It will go to the independent who has the courage to stand up and speak for those who put him in office and the others in the riding.

Dennis Chernick

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