Where are community events?


Dear Editor:

I never was a big fan of watching the news, or reading the newspaper until recently. I have been searching for activities and social events to enrol my children in. I have a nine-year-old, and an eight-year-old, and I find it very hard to find such things that are local, age appropriate and low cost.

I remember watching movies with my grandparents, church choirs, and community picnics. As I read the paper, I see things like the skatepark being locked because kids are being irresponsible and can’t pick up after themselves. It seems like as the ages have passed the responsibility and the community passion is fading.

What happened to the church choirs? Simple little things like that mean a lot to children and build community spirit. Has our society become such a rat race that no one stops to donate or share their time with others? Sure, the government funds low-income families for sports but when the going rate for two children to participate is approximately $600 for each activity, it leads to less participation and more irresponsible behaviour.

My question may fall by the wayside, but I felt the need to inquire nevertheless.

Mandy Hansen