A change order of $21,500 has been applied to the Town of Ponoka aquaplex roof replacement. The additional cost comes from the need to recover some sides of the parapet wall.                                Town of Ponoka photo

A change order of $21,500 has been applied to the Town of Ponoka aquaplex roof replacement. The additional cost comes from the need to recover some sides of the parapet wall. Town of Ponoka photo

Ponoka council unhappy with aquaplex replacement change order

The change order will see an additional $21,500 added to the roof replacement cost

Town of Ponoka council wasn’t pleased to see a $21,500 change order to the aquaplex roof replacement.

The information item came to council Nov. 28 during the regular meeting. The request came to the town Nov. 14 and was approved by administration as per the town’s purchasing policy.

The addition came due to a need to replace a portion of the roof’s parapet wall, which needed a to have a gap filled with peel and stick vapour barrier. Along with the vapour barrier there was a need to install new 2×6 insulated pony walls and then have it covered with plywood.

Administration’s information on the item pointed out that the addition is within the replacement’s contingency budget.

“I hate change orders,” said Mayor Rick Bonnett, upon seeing the information.

Wes Amendt, director of community services, said that the issues are due to incorrect construction of a parapet in the first place.

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“When they were talking about the RFP I thought they were going to change the parapet,” said Bonnett, adding that the engineer at the time pointed out there was water pooling in certain parts.

He wanted to know why the engineer consultant didn’t plan accordingly.

“I’m a little bit pissy with our engineer,” said Bonnett.

Coun. Carla Prediger was also upset because council was told it would cost a certain amount, then it was more money, and now it’s even more money than before.

Snow clearing policy receives update

Some minor updates were made to the town’s snow clearing policy.

Chris McKenna, director of operations and property services, said mainly the Ponoka Industrial Airport and taxiway were the big addition.

Bonnett asked about how the windrow situation is working.

McKenna said staff used to windrow and clear right away but now crews will windrow a whole section and then clear it a few days later. This is to ensure more roadways are clear for motorists.

CAO Albert Flootman added that the town has only one snow blower. “It keeps the roads far more drivable.”

Coun. Kevin Ferguson asked if there’s a way for the airport to operate its own snow clearing. Mayor Rick Bonnett likes the idea and McKenna offered that’s how it’s operated in Lacombe.

Coun. Teri Underhill is also in favour of the idea, pointing out that for air ambulance needs, it’s something to consider.

McKenna pointed out that the town would make it a priority if called by air ambulance that there’s a need for that.

Security deposit for learning centre

Council approved a security deposit for the learning centre.

The deposit, equal to three months lease, is $175,000 and is expected to come out of the building development reserve, which sits at about $1.3 million.

Coun. Teri Underhill asked when the money is expected to be paid.

Sandra Lund, director of corporate services, pointed out these specific funds have been set aside for this project.

Request for leave for Coun. Sandra Lyon

Due to some health needs Coun. Sandra Lyon requested a leave until March, 2018.

This motion is to ensure there’s no default due to having a surgery that will put her out for a few weeks, explained Bonnett. As a precautionary measure she’s been told that it could be eight weeks.

Covering Lyon’s committee meetings will be her second or Bonnett who is ex officio to the meetings.

Council voted in favour of the request.

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