Town of Ponoka looks at regional subdivision appeal board

Nearby communities are interested in a collaboration

Mayor Rick Bonnett

Mayor Rick Bonnett

There’s some interest from nearby communities to be part of a regional subdivision appeal board (SDAB).

CAO Albert Flootman told town council Dec. 12 during a regular meeting that for now the request is to take part in a grant that would investigate the benefits of a regional system.

Currently, members of the community or council are specially trained to be part of an SDAB.

The challenge with SDABs, said Flootman, especially in smaller communities is finding someone to take part.

He says Parkland Community Planning Services, of which the town is a member, will request a grant with the Town of Bentley managing the administrative and grant side of things. The communities that hope to be involved include Ponoka, the towns of Bentley and Penhold, the Village of Clive and the Summer Village of Parkland Beach.

Mayor Rick Bonnett’s concern was that there is a loss of local feedback with not having a local representative, which is the current practice, but pointed out there’s been two appeals in four years and the training is time consuming.

“You’ve got to have a love for planning and development,” said Bonnett, pointing out it’s quite technical in nature.

Tim Schmidt, director of planning and development, told council that there’s going to be changes for board members to have training every two years. He said the town isn’t under any obligation to be part of the regional board after the study is conducted as well there is no cost to the Town in participating in the grant application process.

Council approved the request with Coun. Carla Prediger voting against it.

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