Accused kidnappers offered deal at preliminary hearings

Seven individuals accused of kidnapping a Ponoka man attend preliminary hearings.

The seven individuals accused of kidnapping a Ponoka man were scheduled to attend preliminary hearings at Ponoka Provincial Court last week almost one year after the alleged incident occurred.

The hearings were held over the course of two days on Monday, Nov. 23 and 24, with the five of the seven accused, Christine Kirkeby, Shane Kerik, Tyler Scott, Zachary Purdy and James Miller-Laney appearing before the court while Lane Dickson and Ashley Shewchuck failed to appear.

Purdy was denied bail since the events transpired and he was given a 913-day jail sentence, less time already served, after pleading guilty to some of the charges laid. He was given time and half credit for the time so far at 516 days, but must still serve the rest of his term.

Kirkeby was remanded in custody for seven days and received 12 months probation. Sentencing for Scott is set for Friday, Dec. 11 and Miller-Laney was ordered to stand trial for the events.

Kerik’s charges are believed to have been withdrawn and the hearings for him did not proceed.

Dickson and Shewchuk had arrest warrants issued for them.