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Action Plan for the Economy

On Jan. 27, the Conservative government delivered the much anticipated 2009 Federal Budget

On Jan. 27, the Conservative government delivered the much anticipated 2009 Federal Budget.  Canadians sent a clear message to the Government over the last month that they want their representatives to focus on the economy and put their concerns first.  Our government responded with a multi-year action plan that will help workers, businesses and families during this global recession.

We are in the midst of an extraordinary global economic slowdown that began in the United States and became a worldwide problem in a very short time.  As a result, industrialized countries throughout the world are taking unprecedented action to inject money into their economies. 

Wisely, our Conservative government prepared for the downturn during the good times we enjoyed up until this point.  Since taking office in 2006, we’ve paid down over $37 billion from the national debt. 

This budget, like the Throne Speech delivered on the previous day, is an unprecedented initiative for this unprecedented time.  Canada’s Action Plan on the economy shows that our government is focussed on a stimulus package that will provide a major shot in the arm to the Canadian economy. 

An economic slowdown means that the government has less money to spend.  In order to provide the key support during this challenging time, the government has chosen to run a short term deficit to allow money to flow to all sectors of the economy and invest in our long-term growth.

While the return to a deficit is regrettable, it is necessary.  There will be larger deficits in the first two years of this recession but we plan to return to surpluses within five years as the Canadian and global economies recover.

We’re taking action to help Canadian workers and encourage consumer spending.  Construction projects, such as building highways, local roads, bridges and improving water systems will create thousands of jobs for Canadians and provide work for many different sectors of our economy.  It will be the first link in a long chain of job creation, stimulus, spending and reinvigorating the economy. 

Canada’s Economic Action Plan freezes Employment Insurance premiums for the next two years, so employers can create and maintain jobs.  Work sharing agreements will be extended by 14 weeks so more people can keep their jobs. 

You can be sure that we will do whatever it takes to help Canadians weather this economic storm.  We will help protect the jobs of today, while readying our economy to create the jobs of tomorrow.

Detailed information on the Budget is available on the Finance Canada web site: or by phoning 1-800-O-Canada (1-800-622-6232).

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