Air exchange issues continue at ag event centre

There have been ongoing issues with the air exchange system at the ag event centre

There have been ongoing issues with the air exchange system at the ag event centre and the board directors is considering how to deal with the problem.

Coun. Doug Gill, town representative to the Ponoka Ag Event Centre Society (PAECS), told councillors of a recent proposal, which was more costly than PAECS expected to pay. He did not give a cost but explained some of the issues.

“It seems to be icing up,” Gill explained. “We need to address that.”

Otherwise operations appear to be going well, he said. Contracts have been signed for users throughout the year.

Coun. John Jacobs feels there was an oversight in the design of the air exchange system. He asked if PAECS had spoken with the designer or engineer of the system since the issues have been ongoing. “That it’s not meeting the standard that we expect from it does surprise me.”

Gill said the present system should work but there have been some issues with it. Jacobs hoped taxpayers would not have to pay for the fix. Gill said the engineer and the architect of the building are being called back in for support.

Mayor Larry Henkelman asked if the contractor would also be called in. “Why wouldn’t the contractor be held responsible for it?”

He feels they would have better knowledge of the system since they use it in their own buildings.

“Anyone that is involved with agriculture they know that there is a moisture problem with animals,” said Henkelman. “Someone’s got to be held responsible for this.”

Gill feels there will be a solution to the problem but the board needs to work on how to manage air that comes into the building when livestock is let in or released. There is a challenge also when preparing the soil for the different types of users. “We now have regular maintenance of the filters every two weeks and that is solving a lot of the problems.”

There is a vacancy in PAECS’ board as member at large Don Letwinetz has left. Gill said the board was to discuss that April 1 during a meeting; and whether a second annual general meeting should be held.

Henkelman feels a second meeting would benefit PAECS as he has had several enquiries from the public.

“They would like to see a general meeting that is conducted properly with the audited financial statements released at the meeting,”

Gill stated he would ask that the discussion of an AGM be included to PAECS’ April 1 agenda.

Development permit approval

Councillors approved a development permit application for a property on 5558 47 Avenue Crescent.

The purchase of the property is dependent on development approval, stated CAO Brad Watson.

Currently the property has a garage on it and the plan is to construct a residential duplex. Watson feels the duplex “fits right in and fits well” with an adjacent duplex. It would enhance the land values, he explained.

Curb and gutter would have to be enhanced. “Because it’s direct control there is no opportunity to appeal to the Subdivision Development and Appeal Board.”

Paving would be completed once the Stampede Association land to the east is developed.