Bashaw’s submission to the Kraft Hockeyville So God Made a Hockey Mom

Bashaw’s submission to the Kraft Hockeyville So God Made a Hockey Mom

Bashaw’s Kraft Hockeyville bid goes viral

In just one week, Bashaw's submission to Kraft Hockeyville 2017 has seen more than 300,000 views.

Sometimes you just hit on an idea so good, you know it’s going places.

For Bashaw that idea was the Kraft Hockeyville 2017 video submission that has become a viral hit with the video receiving more than 300,000 views in one week on YouTube and thousands more on Facebook.

By now most residents, plus folks from around the world, have seen the video dubbed So God Made a Hockey Mom, with a narrative inspired by Paul Harvey’s So God Made a Farmer Speech. The dynamic video features Bashaw residents in their element and most-especially moms supporting their kids in sports.

The idea was the brainchild of a team who work together on videos for other projects. That team is Sarah Wray, Ben Wilson and Shannon Scofield who brainstormed ideas and then made the video a reality. Making viral videos isn’t a new thing for this team, explained Wray, who has a background in marketing. With the idea and then the production, she knew they had something big.

She says the project was all about connecting with parents who support their kids’ sports, especially in North America. From driving, fundraising, supporting and volunteering it is the parents who make it all happen, says Wray. “Parents are the backbone of what our kids are doing.”

With Scofield putting the script together, and hiring the professional voice-acting work of Jason Stephens, the video hit an emotional chord. Wray said the marketing and idea work in the pre-production phase was key to making a solid video. “Each one of us brings a really important piece to the table.”

But more importantly was the focus on Bashaw.

“We knew we were going to talk about Bashaw…a big portion is about the people,” says Wray.

She added that the town as a whole supported the project with the Bashaw Area Recreation Board helping move the project along. The first frames features a mom, Stacey Pierson, helping her kids out at her home rink near town.

We all want the best for our kids.”

Behind the camera was Ben Wilson, who added it was because of Jackie Northey’s prompting that the video was made. What struck him the most was the fact that the video was trending on YouTube even during Super Bowl Sunday.

He said what really showed the viral nature of the video was going to bed after sending the video to Northey and then waking up the next day to see it at 13,000 plus views.

Wilson has high hopes. The judging phase closes March 20 and if Bashaw manages to get through with the win, which brings $100,000 to the arena and an NHL pre-season hockey game, there is also the potential of adding more money to the pot. Wilson said the game has to be held at an NHL size rink, which would bring it to Camrose or Red Deer. The benefit of a full sized arena is the larger seating capacity and 50/50 fundraising potential.

For Bashaw, this project is a continuation of the success seen with fundraising initiatives such as the Aviva Community Fund where the community came together to vote online winning the $100,000 grand prize.

Since the video was released it has been featured by CTV News and throughout North America. Wilson has seen comments from moms in the United States on social media who shared it.