The current BRICK Learning Centre school.
Image: WCPS

BRICK Learning Centre receives grant to build portable solar charging stations

The BRICK Learning Centre has received a grant of $1,700 for a solar electricity project.

The grant was from Inside Education and their sponsors, BP, TC Energy and Cenovus Energy.

The project will involve building and using portable solar energy stations, strategically placed throughout the school so students can charge phones, tablets and other devices.

The charging stations will be dispersed throughout the school wherever there is generous sun exposure.

“We wanted to give students a chance to learn more about renewable energy sources, more specifically, solar electricity generation,” said Allan Wong First Nations, Métis and Inuit lead teacher at BLC.

“We will have interested students involved with generating ideas, building solar kits, promoting alternative energy sources and using social media to showcase what they’ve learned and worked on.”

Wong says this is a very practical project for the school because of the limited electrical outlets available in classrooms.

They will also be building an enclosure for one of these solar charging stations in front of the school so that it is available 24/7, all year long.

“It will serve as a free electrical charging station, not only to our students, but to the general public as well,” said Wong.

“It’s exposure and description will also become an educational piece for everyone who crosses paths at The BRICK Learning Centre.

“We’ve already started talking about this with students and there are a number of students who are interested in getting involved.

“We are very excited about this project because of the practicality and innovative technologies that we’ll learn and use in the process. We’ll be happy to showcase our project next year.”