Wolf Creek Public Schools

Wolf Creek Public Schools

Bright Future to continue

Wolf Creek Public Schools believes spending on revamped pre-school program important

A tough economy and fiscal restraints have placed a strain on Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) and its programming.

That meant some hard decisions needed to be made at the latest board of trustees meeting on Dec. 15.

One of those was determining if the recently revamped and improved early-years Bright Futures Play Academy program would continue in its present format.

WCPS superintendent Jayson Lovell explained to the board, following an overview of how the program has been operating and the financial aspects, made decided to ensure its continued full support of the program.

“It was great that the board decided to keep its full support for early learning after making such a major undertaking with the change to the Bright Futures program. It’s a new focus and way for education for three and four year olds that has been going extremely well,” he said.

The other decision made was about providing direction for Lovell and administration on how best to deal with the growing amount of student fees that have not been paid.

Lovell reported to trustees that about 13 per cent of all student fees have not been paid, amounting to about $137,000 across the division.

“We understand the economic climate, so there is a need to be very flexible and have the principals willing to work with parents to address this in a spirit of accommodation,” he said.

Though a number of options were presented, trustees felt a more personal approach with a mind towards different ways to induce payment would be the best way to mitigate the negative impacts given the current status financially in the region.


Trustees and staff also wanted to pass along their deepest wishes to the family and friends of former WCPS superintendent Larry Jacobs, who passed away on Dec. 15. He led WCPS for 12 years and touched a number of lives in that time.