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Chinooks Edge School Division providing naloxone kits to schools

Each school in the division will be getting one nasal spray naloxone kit
The Chinook’s Edge School Division will be provided Naloxone kits to schools next fall. (Photo by Advocate staff)

The Chinook’s Edge School Division announced in a press release that naloxone kits will be provided in the division’s schools starting in the 2023-24 school year on May 10.

Having naloxone kits in schools is another first aid measure, Associate Superintendent Shawn Russell said.

“Schools in the division have a number of epi-pens and other first aid items. The nasal spray naloxone kits will be added to the first aid items.”

In order to ensure staff understand how and when to use the kit mandatory training will be done.

“There will be a training video that all staff will be part of. As well the use of naloxone kits is now part of first aid training courses,” Russell added.

Naloxone kits are portable pouches containing an opioid antidote that can be administered to revive an unresponsive person who is overdosing reversing the effects of an opioid overdose with enough time to access emergency services.

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The Canada health services website states naloxone only works if an individual has opioids in their system such as:

  • fentanyl
  • heroine
  • morphine
  • codeine

“Naloxone can restore breathing within 2 to 5 minutes. When you take an opioid, it affects certain receptors in your brain. Naloxone works by kicking opioids off the receptors in your brain and binding to those receptors instead. This reverses or blocks the effects of opioids on your body,” the Canada Health Services site states.

Requests to have naloxone kits in the schools were made by staff members who have first aid training, Russell said.

“You never know when a situation could arise where a naloxone kit will be needed. The hope is the schools will never have to use them but they are there just in case.”

Before the board made its decision administration also looked into what other school divisions were doing.

“When it was initially discussed administration was asked to look at what other school divisions were doing. Through research it was found that many other school divisions already have naloxone kits as part of the schools first aid items,” Russell said.

At the beginning of the upcoming school year, all Chinook’s Edge school division schools in Sylvan Lake will be provided with one nasal naloxone kit.



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