County and Town of Rimbey enter into agreement for operation of transfer station

Ponoka County and the Town of Rimbey enter into waste and recycling agreement.

By David Thielen

To improve access to recycling and waste dumping the residents of the County of Ponoka and the Town of Rimbey have agreed to the joint operation of a waste transfer station.

Under the agreement, the town will be responsible for operating the recycling, composting, yard waste and burn pit, while the county will operate the waste transfer portion of the facility.

The town will not charge the county or county residents for the use of the recycling services, and the county will not charge the town residents for the waste transfer portion of the facility.

Chief Administrative Officer, Charlie Cutforth, pointed out to council that the Town of Rimbey will still be doing their regular waste pickups in town, and that material will go directly to the regional landfill. The transfer station will be for material that does not fit into the regular waste pickup, like a couch, or other similar large items.

The agreement states that “The Town of Rimbey and the County of Ponoka will provide joint use of the facility in partnership and as such no money will be exchanged, and no land sold to accommodate this MOU. The Town of Rimbey retains land and building ownership until such time as another proposal is entered for consideration.”

The county and town will have joint meetings to discuss any operational issues that may arise.