County nomination fees stay the same

After receiving a letter from Nick Kohlman, Ponoka County council discussed returning to a $100 nomination fee for election candidates.

After receiving a letter from Nick Kohlman, Ponoka County council discussed returning to a $100 nomination fee for election candidates.

However, no action was taken and the fee remains at $250.

Although Kohlman’s was the only letter council received, CAO Charlie Cutforth feels the overall reaction to the increase hasn’t been positive.

He also says there wasn’t a lot of feedback in total, only half a dozen contacts.

“Whether it’s $100 or $250 it’s not going to preclude anybody from running, I don’t think,” said Cutforth.

Coun. Paul McLauchlin said it had less to do with the fee amount and more with the message council was sending; he was prepared to rescind but was out voted.

Road project not extended

After much discussion county council decided not to extend its project on Range Road 24.

“Two miles isn’t a big project but we didn’t have it on (budget),” said Cutforth.

“You don’t want to risk what’s on the plan now by adding to the plan,” added McLauchlin.

The road is being extended three-quarters of a mile and areas of the ditch are being cleaned.

Council had considered adding to the project for a total of two miles but ultimately decided they could come back in the fall and do the rest of the road if there was enough time.

County Donations

Despite reservations, council is donating $300 to the 11th annual Jace Harty Memorial Bull Riding event.

Cutforth felt the donation might set a precedent, which is a concern because the future of the county’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative funding is uncertain.

Council is also covering Liberty Hall’s construction insurance.

It’ll cost approximately $7,000 and includes both construction and liability.

The county has already put $140,000 into the active community hall. “Naturally, with that kind of investment, we want to see it succeed,” said Cutforth

Curves held its second fire truck challenge, during Stampede Week, and rather than put a team together to try and haul the truck down Chipman Avenue Ponoka County donated $150.

Proceeds from the challenge are being given to the Search and Rescue Dogs Association of Alberta.

Ponoka’s Legion is repainting their clubroom; a project costing $4,966 and council is donating $2,000 in aid.

Rezoning applications passed

With ease county council passed four land rezoning applications at their June 11 meeting.

On a 175-acre parcel, northwest of Ponoka, 25 acres has been changed from agricultural to county residential. The landowners wanted to separate the non-farmable land from that which is farmable.

The 25 acres has the future potential to be subdivided within itself.

Another 10 acres, just east of Range Road 233 and along Highway 53, was also rezoned from agricultural to country residential hobby farm.

It’s the second residential piece on the 193-area plot of land. West Central Planning Agency doesn’t feel the land is suitable for multi-residential subdivisions. They said it would remove agricultural land from production and didn’t support the rezoning.

At the corner of Highway 2A and Secondary Highway 607, 81 acres has been rezoned from agricultural district to rural industrial district.

Previously, 28 acres along Secondary Highway 771 was rezoned as country residential.

However, Cutforth felt it would be more appropriate as lake resort and the amendment was made.