Ponoka County will be getting a new roof for a section of its main office for about $245,000 following weeks of dealing with water leaks.
Photo by Jordie Dwyer

County Office closed to the Public until further notice

Upon recommendation of the Provincial Chief Medical Officer, the Ponoka County office will be closed to the public effective Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020. Cheques and other correspondence can be dropped in the office door mail-slot or mailed via Canada Post.

We encourage everyone to continue diligence in adhering to guidelines for physical distancing and good hygiene practices in support of each other, our suppliers, our contractors, and the public. Plans may change as circumstances do.

Due to space constraints the county council meetings will be closed to the public but they may participate remotely.

County council meetings

We have established a YouTube channel (Ponoka County) which we will use to livestream the agenda for council meetings. Live public participation in the meetings will be as follows:

  • Without a previously scheduled time on the agenda, any comments or concerns will be raised at the end of the meeting under the “Unscheduled Delegations/Presentation of Petitions” tab.
  • Public Hearings (scheduled two weeks in advance) will be conducted through phone-in comments. Anyone wishing to be part of the “Unscheduled Delegations” or comment on a Public Hearing “in person” should call into the main office and request the conference call information.

Please note: you can still submit comments or concerns via mail, email or fax prior the meetings.

Contact us prior to the meetings if you have any questions or require clarification.

– Source: Ponokacounty.com

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